Neurodiagnostic Educator

James has been an active member of the Neurodiagnostics community for more than twenty-five years. Throughout his career, he has been fortunate to gain significant knowledge and experience in clinical electroencephalography (EEG), clinical evoked potentials (EP) and intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM). His primary training is in IONM and his passion is sharing his knowledge and skills with others. 

He has been working as an END educator for over twenty years, and has significant experience training IONM technologists and coaching them through their board examinations. While James is experienced in all facets of IONM, his interest lies in IONM related to procedures performed in the interventional radiology suite, cortical mapping and motor cranial nerve monitoring.

James has served on many boards within the neurodiagnostics community and is currently president of the Southern Society of Neurodiagnostic Technologists(SSET). In the past he has served as a board member for ASNM, editor of ASNM’s publication “The Monitor”, chair of ASNM’s Applied Philanthropy Committee, a member of ASNM’s Online Education Committee, and speaker for ASET, ASNM, MSET, CSET, ISET and international organizations such as Neuromonitoring UK.

In addition to his passion for education, James believes that it is extremely important to volunteer both in and out of the field of neurodiagnostics.  He has traveled to Ghana, Barbados, and Malawi to volunteer as a neuromonitorist and educator.  He is especially proud of the two nurses that he mentored in Ghana to function independently as CNIM credentialed neuromonitorists for the Foundation of Orthopedics and Complex Spine (FOCOS) in Accra, Ghana.

Currently, James serves as the Director of Education for Neuromonitoring Associates.  His past roles include COO for Advanced Monitoring Services, the VP of Neuromonitoring Services for Comprehensive Neuro Monitoirng, National Technologist Director for Assure, Southeast Director of Field Operations for Neuromonitoring Associates, co-owner of LHI Online, & Clinical Product Designer and Regional Director at Biotronic NeuroNetwork.  When he is not working, James enjoys traveling with his lovely wife Lisa, gardening, reading and running.

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